Join Pastor Larry and others from Trinity UMC for an evening of good fellowship, food, drink and theology each month. This is a low-key, no pressure, gathering.

Pub Theology is not:

  • A sermon
  • A set-up
  • A formal script or presentation
  • A place to be told the answer
  • A place to meet others’ expectations

Pub Theology is:

  • Open to all questions
  • Open to all people
  • A place to listen, share and experience different viewpoints
  • A place to challenge you and make you think
  • A place to share your life, ideas and faith
  • A place to unload your baggage about religion, about faith, about God
  • A place where Jesus would meet

We began meeting monthly in January of 2016 and plan to continue meeting monthly in Richmond. Be sure to check back here to get information about our meetings.


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